CCDC Adopts a No Smoking Policy

In support of health measure to curb oral health problems and diseases, Cordillera Career Development College has long implemented a No Smoking and No Chewing of Betel Nut inside the campus.

Under Section 1.8 of Article 8 or the Code of Discipline in the Handbook for Students, smoking, vaping, and chewing or spitting of betel nut and tobacco is prohibited at any time inside the school premises.

Such offense is considered under “Type C” or Very Serious Offense, which merits warning for the first offense, suspension for the second offense, and expulsion for the third offense.

The offense has been in the Students’ Handbook since 2018.*

Nursing students undergo mental health debriefing

As part of their subject on Psychiatric Nursing, student nurses underwent a Mental Health activity which focused on self awareness at the Senior High School Hall on May 24, 2022.

Dubbed Psychosocial Activity: Sound Mind and Body, the activity is also a much-needed break from their Psychiatric Ward duties and forms part of their debriefing process.

The activity was conducted and supervised by Ms. Michelle Palongdias and Ms. Annielyn Ofo-ob of the CCDC Guidance Office.

Other photos are posted in the CCDC Social Media Account.

CCDC sets R&R for employees

To ensure balanced mental wellbeing, employees of Cordillera Career Development College (CCDC) are provided “rest and recreation days,” aside from their regular work breaks.

For 2022, employees embarked on wellness breaks on February 21 and June 8 at the ADMIRALS Farms Park which offered relaxation activities such as forest bathing and hiking.

As a deviation, other employees also took on their rest and recreation day at the Reiwa Resort and Camping Grounds, near the seashores of Bauang, La Union on July 29.

The “rest days” provide the employees a sort of destressing to allow a smoother and more efficient working relationship with their colleagues.

The events also included team-building activities meant to foster improved interpersonal relationships and building mutual trust and confidence. Numerous studies have shown that rest and recreation breaks are considered mental wellness activities which prevent overloading of stress leading to burnouts.

The photo-documentation of the activities can be accessed below:

CHE joins training, consultation on RH, SDGs

Seven students and clinical instructors representing the College of Health Education attended the a training and consultation on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Sustainable Development Goals in Baguio City on July 27 and 28, 2022.

Organized by the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines, the event intended to equip the participants on knowledge of global mechanisms, including voluntary national processes and respective sexual and reproductive health and rights related to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The event highlighted topics on the universal access to sexual and reproductive health care services including family planning, information education, and maternal and child care.*

CCDC gym turned into COVID vaxx site

The spacious gymnasium of Cordillera Career Development College (CCDC) turned into a COVID prevention facility at the peak of the pandemic following an agreement between the school administration and the local government of La Trinidad, Benguet and the Department of Health.

Between October 2021 to November 2022, residents from all over the province lines up for free vaccination shots provided by the government.

The free use of the gymnasium for vaccination is CCDC’s response to help curb and eliminate the threat of the COVID-19 which has crippled communities, including the school’s own operations.

When the pandemic threat subsided in late 2022, the municipality of La Trinidad recognized the institution for this endeavor. A copy of the certificate can be gleaned below.

Local Collaborations & Health Outreach Program

CCDC-CHDG Health Partnership

CCDC entered into a partnership with Cordillera Hospital of the Divine Grace (CHDG) for its annual medical check-up for employees.

The collaboration started December 10, 2021 and subsists until present. CHDG provides laboratory tests and medical consultation to ensure the well-being of employees, which includes teaching and non-teaching personnel.

Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium

CCDC is a member of the Cordillera Regional Health Research and Development Consortium which is a research consortium for the dissemination and utilization of research results to improve health and well- being.

The consortium also provides avenue for research funding on health research publications as well as trainings for faculty.

The consortium started in 2011 and exists until present. Below is a portion of the copy of the MOA signed by CCDC President James Malaya.

CCDC Birthing Clinic

CCDC entered into a collaboration with the Department of Health – Cordillera to cater to the health and well- being of pregnant mothers. A license to operate a birthing clinic was granted to CCDC in 2017 and is renewed yearly in compliance with the DOH regulations.

 The establishment of the CCDC Birthing Clinic was initially on academic grounds in line with the opening of the BS Midwifery program. However, when the COVID-19 pandemic came, the school opted to be responsive to the crisis by expanding its operations to cater to the maternal health care needs of the public that cannot be availed by some in hospitals due to fully occupied wards. 

During the COVID-19 crisis, the birthing clinic operated complying with health protocols laid down by regulatory bodies such as the Department of Health, the Inter-Agency Task Force, and the Local Government Unit. Its transformation to a crisis responsive facility was brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic and it shall continue to transcend beyond COVID-19 into a facility for maternal and child health care at all times and for all.


CCDC engaged a Memorandum of Agreement with Sitio Banayakeo, Poblacion, Atok, among the disadvantaged communities in Benguet province to cater the various services needed by the community.

Among the services provided are implementation of programs and outreach activities that pertain to health and well-ebeing, strengthening Family relations, proper handwashing, proper nutrition, and basic personal hygiene.

The outreach also includes provision of medical intervention with the help of volunteer students and employees.

Stress Debriefing and Psychosocial Support Activity for Cayapes Barrio School

CCDC conducted stress debriefing and psychosocial support to children and employees of Cayapes Barrio School, Kapangan town located among the disadvantaged communities in Benguet province.

Psychosocial support is the process of facilitating and strengthening resilience within individuals, families and communities to recover from and adapt to critical adversities with potentially damaging long-term impacts. Psychosocial support thus promotes the restoration of social cohesion and set-up.

For the past 2 years, due to the Corona Virus pupils are not allowed to go to school and go out because of the restrictions and for safety purposes. Pupils are confined inside their home, playing cellphones, watching tv the whole day, play and sleep anytime. Now, pupils need to adjust and adapt to the demands (New Normal) both academically and socially.

Majority of their time are spent in adjusting in time and new rules. Hence, the activity that conducted re-focused on the social aspect of their life.

Among the activities are Basic Self-Defense classes and focused-group discussions with various activities for the children that involved the development of fine motor skills like coffee painting and paper folding.