Student Development Office

Email: [email protected], Saleng building, 1st floor

We at the Student Development Office support students, faculty and employees intellectual, psychological, emotional, social and moral development. Our Office offers services that cater to developing an individual’s Self-awareness, self-understanding, self-esteem, attitudes and values.

Our Objectives

  1. To assist students to live a well balances life in all aspect
  2. To direct students to come up with wise decision for their personal concern’s and become well socially adjusted individuals
  3. To provide information to prepare students progress on their vocational career,
  4. To help the students for their full and wholesome development


The following are offered by the three guidance units namely the Grade School, High School and College Guidance offices.

  1. INFORMATION AND ORIENTATION SERVICES. These are services designed to facilitate student adjustment to life in tertiary or higher education. An orientation program is conducted every start of the semester for all students and for freshmen and transferees. 
  2. Counseling Services. It provides students intervention programs to facilitate positive change in their behavior, feelings, and attitude.
  3. Individual inventory .  It is a systematic collection, evaluation, and interpretation of data to identify the characteristics and potential of students to be used to proactive services and programs.
  4. Consultation Services. It refers to the professional assistance to students, parents, and teachers in order to support the overall well-being, academic success, and personal development of students.
  5. Follow-up. It is the systematic monitoring of guidance and counseling services in order to determine their effectiveness and possibilities for referral.
  6. Referral. Special needs of students are referred to specialists.
  7. PLACEMENT SERVICES. This includes exploring options and empowering them to make informed choices that support their adjustment.
    • Academic Placement. It involves guiding students to find their right educational setting that aligns with their academic goals. It aims to match students’ abilities, interests, needs, and aspirations with suitable programs.
    • Career Placement. It assists students and graduates on their employment fitness. It includes linkages to industries, career programs, and networking to relevant agencies for career and job placement for students.