School Directory

Administrative Offices

Hotline for General Concerns: 0917-544-4545

School Landline Number: (074) 422-2221

OfficeContact #E-mailLocation
President’s OfficeTel. # (074) 422-2221[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor
College RegistrarTel. # (074)422-2737
CP #: 0907-354-2067
[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor
SLS RegistrarTel. # (074)422-2737[email protected]Arang Building 2nd Floor
AccountingCP #: 0951-245-2254[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor
Guidance and
CP #: 0917-544-4545[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor
Business OfficeCP #: 0939-634-6852[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor
Student ServicesTel. # (074) 422-2221[email protected]JMM Building 3rd Floor
CashierTel. # (074) 422-2221[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor
LibraryTel. # (074) 422-2221[email protected]Saleng Building 3rd Floor
Human Resources
Tel. # (074) 422-2221[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor
School ClinicCP # 0910-660-3745[email protected]Saleng Building 1st floor
Birthing ClinicCP # 0910-248-8382[email protected]Left side of the school entrance

College / Department Offices

Elementary Department[email protected]Arang Building 1st Floor (Basement Level)
Middle High School (Grade 7 & 8)[email protected]Arang Building 3rd Floor
Junior High School (Grade 9 & 10)[email protected]Arang Building 3rd Floor
Senior High School Department[email protected]Senior High Building 2nd Floor
College of Accountancy[email protected]JMM Building 5th Floor
College of Business Education and
[email protected]JMM Building 5th Floor
College of Criminal Justice Education[email protected]JMM Building 3rd Floor
College of Health Education[email protected]Saleng Building 2nd Floor (Ground Level)
College of Law[email protected]JMM Building 3rd Floor
College of Social Work[email protected]JMM Building 3rd Floor
College of Teacher Education[email protected]JMM Building 3rd Floor
Graduate School[email protected]JMM Building 2nd Floor