To deliver quality education to primary and intermediate graders so that at the end of the program, the graduates will be able to:

Primary Grades (Nursery to Grade 3)

  1. Utilize their academic knowledge and skills to face higher levels of learning.
  2. Possess creativity and intellectual curiosity as they engage in different learning experiences.
  3. Manifest dynamic social habits and involvement within themselves, their classmates, families, and communities.
  4. Demonstrate oral and written literacy skills for higher grades.
  5. Manifest resilience and readiness for higher learning.

Intermediate (Grade 4 to Grade 6)

  1. Demonstrate the basic literacy skills needed as a 21st century learner.
  2. Manifest sound physical and mental health habits.
  3. Possess good oral and written literacy in expressing and communicating with others.
  4. Manifest sense of responsibility and commitment to their own learning through their active involvement in the development of their learning experiences.
  5. Relate and apply their knowledge and skills in fulfilling their responsibilities to their families, school and community.
  6. Exhibit eagerness and preparedness for higher level of learning.
  7. Provide an enriched education that inculcates in the students the moral values, spiritual, environmentally friendly and the CCDC values of being committed, culturally-aware, dignified, and civic oriented.