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It is the policy of the Cordillera Career Development College (CCDC) to encourage students to join recognized student organizations that will supplement their formal education, and serves as vehicles for practical and meaningful experiences, greater productivity, and creative endeavor.


CCDC recognizes the right of the students to govern themselves as a student body, to be transparent and accountable to their constituents; and be represented in various for a where the students need to be consulted.

The establishment and operation of student organizations are governed by the basic requirements prescribed in the Handbook for Students and in the provisions of the Rules and Guidelines on Student Activities and Student Organization under the Student Services Office from time to time, subject to the laws of the republic.

  • Student Council of Leaders (for. Supreme Student Council)

CCDC recognizes the Student Council of Leaders (COL) as the highest governing body in the College level. It shall exercise supervisory and regulatory authority over all other student organizations and this organization shall be governed by its own constitution and by-laws duly promulgated and ratified. The COL is composed of the different Governnors of the College department and will choose among themselves the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, and PIO.

  • Departmental Officers

It is the highest governing body of students in the college department, where student leaders are provided opportunities to develop and enhance leadership effectiveness in the personal level and in student organizations. It is composed of Governor, Vice Governor, Secretary, Treasurer, Auditor, Public Information Officer, Business Managers, and year level representatives.

    1. Consortium – The student government of the College of Criminal Justice Education
    2. Mentors Society – The student government of the College of Teacher Education
    3. Acantha – The student government of the College of Health Education
    4. Tycoons – The student government of the College of Business Education and Administration
    5. Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – The student government of the College of Accountancy
    6. Major Circle – The student government of the College of Social Work
  • Institutional Student Organizations

The college has arranged these as a means of promoting institutional policies that support student growth in the areas of arts, volunteer work, leadership, and mentoring.

    1. Cordillera Bulletin – the official publication of the students. Students are recruited and trained on journalism. To spread information, they serve as the active voice of the campus press.
    2. Student Assistant Group – It is the organization of all students given institutional scholarship for their services as office assistant, security, and general services.
    3. Gameng Di Cordillera – It is the performing arts group specializing in Cordillera arts, music, instruments, and dances.
    4. Peer Facilitators – These are selected students possessing remarkable interpersonal skills that serve as support groups for other students in need of one-on-one advising, mentorship, and tutoring.
    5. Performing Arts Group – It is a group of students specializing in music and dance.
    • Other Recognized Student Organizations
    1. Climate Warriors Club – a student club that promotes preservation and protection of the environment.
    2. Student Society of Management and Entrepreneurship – a student club that aims to develop entrepreneurial and managerial skills.


To engage in active learning, students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular activities. Co-curricular activities are generally defined as learning experiences outside of the classroom that are specifically listed in the course curriculum and that are organized by the faculty. However, extracurricular activities continue to be educational opportunities outside of the classroom that aim to develop students’ abilities and non-academic skills.

Students are encouraged to assemble, provided that these activities are done with proper authorization and adheres to policies of the institution.

  • Calendared Activities

It is expected of students to take part in institutional events such as but not limited to the following:

  1. Freshmen and Transferees Orientation
  2. College Department’s Orientation
  3. Intramurals / Sports Fest
  4. Seminars and Programs for Career Development
  5. CHED commissioned activities
  6. Commencement Exercises

COA Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants

CBEA Tycoons

CCJE Consortium Officers


1st Year Officers

PIO: Sharmine Abare

2nd Year Officers

Business Manager: Claire Budong

Business Manager: Melissa Comafay

3rd Year Officers

3rd Year Mayor: Eslem Bugnay

3rd Year Treasurer: Arnella Mangude

4th Year Officers

4th Year Mayor: Jerald Regaas

4th Year Vice Mayor: Judy Ann Halawad

4th Year Business Manager: Myra Bato

CHE Acantha

CTE Mentors

CSW Major Circle