CCDC’s Learning Continuity Plan

The Pathway to Resilience: Ensuring Quality in the Practice of Flexibility, is a learning continuity plan for school year 2021-2022 of the Cordillera Career Development College. This learning continuity plan is a roadmap for CCDC as it embarks on ensuring quality education during this new and challenging journey of distance education amidst COVID-19 pandemic.

This learning continuity plan highlights the need for flexibility in the delivery of our education services to ensure quality education through communication and collaboration from all school stakeholders. The learning continuity plan also advertise the different approaches or practices used in coming up with a relevant curriculum, creative and relevant course design and learning materials,
learner-centered service delivery modes and quality assurance methods.

In June 2020, CCDC has revisited its vision, mission and objectives to ensure that these are relevant to the current education context. CCDC flexible learning practice follows the framework of revisiting the curriculum design, adjusting the course design and instructional material development, flexible delivery mode and relevant assessment and quality assurance. With this, the CCDC learning continuity plan is rooted and anchored on the following pillars: relevant management and organization policies, student/learner support; capability building of faculty and school personnel and networking and
collaboration. These framework pillars are indispensable in creating a flexible practice of quality education of relevant education services to different school stakeholders.

The learning continuity plan has been further updated in October 2020 and January 2021 incorporating given feedback and experiences during the earlier months of delivering remote teaching and learning. In February 2021, it’s been updated to include plans and actions for its practicum, on-the-job-training and
field work for its various programs in Hospitality Management, Social Work, Teacher Education, and Criminology. This also incorporated provisions for the BS Nursing and BS Midwifery limited face-to-face classes in compliance with the Joint Memorandum Circular issued by the Commission on Higher
Education and the Department of Health. As of September 2021, new updates and provisions are included to enhance more reflexive attributes of flexible and relevant conduct of education services.

This learning continuity plan is intended as a working document that shows evidence of ensuring quality in the practice of flexibility in education. Transforming together with the current environment to pursue the essence of education purposes and objectives in stimulating relevant academic and learning support services.

Panbadangan Project Series 1.0

The CCDC community project is coined “Panbadangan Project Series” which symbolizes human needs; These are physiological demands that can be met by maintaining one’s health; safety and security needs that can be met by a decent environmental program; and literacy, which will increase one’s self-esteem and confidence, allowing one to become a productive individual.

If these holistic qualities of man are supported with positive long and short-term programs and
services, they will eventually contribute to a sustainable family, and then to a community. This project is intended to meet the needs of the adopted community by delivering services that are consistent with the
organizational plan and activities developed by each department in accordance with the institution’s vision and mission. It is distinct to each department’s employees and students’ competence.


CCDC and KCP signs Memorandum of Agreement to Share Library Resources

Among other items in the memoramdum, it states that both institutions shall mutually share free access to their library resources for their students and personnel, and that both institution shall provide updates on recent library information and resources.

Memorandum of Agreement between CCDC and King’s College of the Philippines.

TURNITIN is now in CCDC!

In its efforts to expand its Internet + Library Resources, CCDC has availed the services of TURNITIN, LLC.

TURNITIN Agreement.


On January 25, 2022, CCDC hosted the first virtual conference on tourism and hospitality with Taylor’s University.

The online event brought together tourism stakeholders in the locality in an effort to promote and harmonize efforts to strengthen rural tourism through active cooperation among the local government units, Department of Tourism, tourism and hospitality students, owners of local tourist attractions, and and other stakeholders.

The free event dubbed “Rebuilding Rural Tourism in the Philippines: The Case of Benguet” was participated by various schools across the country.

A recording of the event may be viewed in this LINK.

CCDC collaborated with Taylor’s University in Malaysia for research development and utilization as well as conducting seminars and orientation on Sustainable Development Goals and Best Practices for sustainability in the field of Tourism.

Ayson D. Depayso, a faculty of the College of Business Education and Administration, joined a training with Taylor’s University on CRIT Summer School on Tourism & SDG’s.


CCDC is engaged in multi-stakeholder partnerships and voluntary commitments for sustainable development. Each department of the institution is involved in effective partnership practices and capacity development of relevant stakeholders to develop and implement partnerships to advance the SDGS. The College of Law is actively involved in capacitating barangay officials of La Trinidad where CCDC is located, including neighboring areas, on the operation of the Katarungang Pambarangay Law, a speedy administration of justice at the barangay level which provides as an alternative to court litigation.

It has also collaborated with the Department of Education and the Department of Social Welfare and Development for the conduct of seminars on the Child Welfare Act and Anti-Violence against Women and Children Act, for teachers and employees of said agencies. Moreover, CCDC during the covid-19 lockdown collaborated with the Local Government Units, Municipal Police stations and volunteers from different municipalities, for the establishment of drop-off and one stop shop centers, in order to operationalize remote teaching and learning of affected students in the region.


In 2021, CCDC partnered with the National Government through the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) in the implementation of the Citizen Satisfaction Index System (CSIS), a project which aims to capacitate local government units (LGUs), improve their performance and enable them to effectively and efficiently deliver services to their constituents. CCDC, as one of the 147 Local Resource Institute partners, offered its services to collect data in identified municipalities in the Province of Benguet, analyze data, prepare reports to come up with the Citizens Satisfaction Report.

Memorandum of Agreement between CCDC and DILG.