Smart Free WiFi is Now Available at CCDC!

The Smart Free WiFi is accessible in the following areas of CCDC:

  • Library
  • Student Center
  • Canteen
  • Open Lounge
  • Gymnasium
  • JMM Hall
  • New SHS Building Hall

Note: WiFI usage is limited to 1 hour per day per mobile number.


Step 1: Access the Smart Network SSID


Step 2: Input your mobile phone number and tap the Terms and Agreement box.


Step 3: Upon tapping the Terms and Agreement box, a blank Privacy Notice will appear, just tap outside of it to exit.


Step 4: Tap/Click on “Connect”.


Step 5: You will receive a One-Time-Password (OTP) via the mobile number you provided. Input the OTP at the verification box and click/tap the submit button.

Step 6: A countdown page will show you your remaining access time (1 hour per day). After the countdown, you may tap/click on “Start Browsing” to use your free WiFi access.

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