Confidential Informant Policy

CCDC adheres to policies protecting those reporting discrimination from educational or employment disadvantage.

As provided under CCDC Handbook for Students series of 2021, Article 8 Section 2 to 5, all reported incidents on discrimination, harassment and other forms of unfair treatments shall be reported and thoroughly investigated.

CCDC ensures a confidential reporting mechanism and takes appropriate action to address and prevent further discrimination.

A copy of the particular provision can be accessed below:

Students completing their degrees

Based on 2021 and 2022 data, there were more women than men who earned their college degrees.
Also, there was an increase in the number of women graduates while inversely, the number of men graduating decreased.

Maternity and paternity policies

Under existing policies of CCDC, leave benefits are provided for to employees based on prevailing laws of the Philippines, specifically
a. Maternity leave
b. Paternity leave
c. Special leave benefits for women (RA 9710)
d. Solo Parent Leave (RA 8972)
e. Leave for Victims of Violence Against Women and their Children (RA 9262)

The policy is provided for in this:

Childcare facilities for students & employees

Inevitable circumstances could prompt college students and employees to bring their children at school at times. At CCDC, they are most certainly welcome!

As a response to this need, CCDC has dedicated its LRC Room (also called Reading Room) at the Elementary Department area as a special zone where children of college students are allowed to spend time reading books and playing board games while their parents attend their classes.

Moreover, the wide gymnasium just across the room gives children a safe and spacious place play.

Children are also allowed in their parent’s classroom as long as they are quiet and behaved, and will not cause distraction while the class is ongoing.

All these facilities are offered and used free of charge!

Absolute No Discrimination Policy

CCDC adopts an absolute anti-discrimination policy, especially against women and transgenders.

Policy for women applications and entry

CCDC maintains a an open admission policy on addressing women’s applications, acceptance, entry, and participation at the college.

As of date, CCDC has never been involved in any complaint for denial of entry of a student based on gender or race.

Women starting a degree

Tracking the data between 2021 and 2022, it shows a significant increase in the number of women students who enrolled in college in 2022.

In the year 2021, 55.10% of the women who enrolled are the first-generation of female in their family to enroll a college degree while in 2022, the percentage increased to 63.63%.

Data shows that CCDC is truly the trusted educational institution for women in the community!