Serving Students Beyond the Walls of its Halls

Flexible Delivery of Student Services during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Learning Modules are delivered to the Philippine National Police Buguias Station, one of the school’s partner as Drop-Off and Pick-up Centers.  This Police Station caters to almost 450 students.
CCDC Team drops off student printed and digital materials, which are saved in USB drives, at the Kibungan open view deck, at Kibungan, Benguet one of the partners of CCDC, as drop off and pick up centers during remote teaching and learning.  Around 250 students are being served by this center.  In photo is also a member of CCDC finance team to personally hand checks/cash for student scholarship grantees.

With the closure of campuses and suspension of face to face classes brought about by the COVID 19 pandemic, CCDC had to design a way to connect to its students in order to ensure the continuity of learning.  Given the predominantly mountainous terrain of the Benguet Province, where access to the internet or online learning is very limited, drop off & pick up centers were established in various strategic places of Benguet.  These are safe and accessible centers where students, on arranged schedules can pick up their learning modules, submit their learning outputs, enroll, pay their fees and pick up school documents among others.  This is done through the help of the members of the community and partner agencies particularly the Local Government Units and Police Stations of the various Municipalities.  The LGUs provide the space for scheduled off-site enrolment and student and parent consultations while Municipal Police Stations serve as drop-off and pick up centers for the learning packs/modules.  During the enhanced community quarantine where students mobility was restricted, police officers and local officials, being APOR  or authorized persons outside of residence, served as mailman or couriers of modules to students who live in far flung areas of Benguet.