Graduate School

Institutional Outcomes (Graduates Attributes)

  1. Analyze information critically, make sound judgment and communicate effectively.
  2. Demonstrate personal values and professional qualities, and virtues to manage career and work effectively.
  3. Exhibit mastery of theoretical and technical knowledge gained in one’s professional career.


Quality academic and applied researches and competent researchers and research managers.


Competent and trustworthy public administrators, competent and committed education managers, and competent business entrepreneurs with a strong social conscience.

Upon completion of the Master in Management courses the graduates will:

  1. be prepared to assume managerial positions in the areas of education, public governance, or business enterprise;
  2. be equipped with knowledge and skills to analyze the current state of their
    managerial environment (i.e. in the office, in local, regional and national community),
    and be able to develop and implement business policies and programs that will
    effectively address identified issues, concerns and constraints;
  3. have an appreciation for research as a management tool and possess the necessary research skills to undertake critical evaluation of policies, programs and operations in their respective field of management; education, public governance, business enterprise; and
  4. have high level of ethical and moral standards toward leading a life founded on self-
    confidence and socially acceptable values.

Brief History

In response to the community’s clamor to offer higher education degrees, the Graduate Program was established in 1994. The Graduate Program opened with the Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) major in Educational Management (Government Recognition GR. NO. 033 s. 1995), Master in Business Administration (MBA) (Government Recognition GR. NO. 035 s. 1995), and Master in Public Administration (MPA) (Government Recognition GR. NO. 034 s. 1995).

Organizational Structure

The various graduate programs of the institution are managed by program coordinators supervised by the dean of their respective college: Master of Arts in Education under the College of Teacher Education, and the Master in Business Administration and Master in Public Administration under the College of Business Education and Accountancy. Modifications are stated in a college memorandum issued by the Office of the President.

Graduate Programs

The graduate program offerings of the institution are as follows; with current curriculum, subject to change with the issuance of updated Commission on Higher Education (CHED) Policies, Standards and Guidelines (PSGs) and/or institutional curriculum update:

  1. Master of Arts in Education (MAED)
  2. Master in Business Administration (MBA)
    1. Thesis Program
    2. Non-Thesis Program
  3. Master in Public Administration (MPA)

Admission Requirements

  1. Applicants for admission to the master’s degree program must be a holder of an appropriate bachelor’s degree or its equivalent earned from any recognized educational institution with a General Weighted Average (GWA) of 80 %. If the GWA is below 80 %, the applicant will be admitted on the condition that he/she is only allowed to enroll six (6) units for the term being applied (probationary). If he/she passed the subjects enrolled, he/she will be admitted as a regular student for the next semester.
  2. A graduate student who intends to pursue a field of specialization different from his/her previous academic background, he/she is required to take additional 12 units in the desired new-discipline or its equivalent at its undergraduate program.
  3. Entrance Requirements
    1. New Student. Original copy of the Official Transcript of Records (OTR) in English from school
      previously attended, certificate of good moral character, PSA (NSO) marriage certificate
      (married female), PSA (NSO) birth certificate, 1 long brown envelope. Permit to Study for
      government employees (notarized).
    2. Transferee. Transfer credentials, PSA (NSO) marriage certificate (married female), PSA (NSO)
      birth certificate, certificate of good moral character, 1 long brown envelope. Permit to Study
      for government employees (notarized).