Pre-school completers who show confidence and readiness for future learning.



A learner-centered educational unit that is characterized by and widely recognized for pupils with high achievement level.


Graduates who are academically prepared for high school studies and lead moral and spiritual upright lives.


The Elementary Laboratory School offers relevant academic and non-academic programs that address diverse learning needs. It aims to prepare each child academically, physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually to face higher levels of learning.

To these ends, the Pre-School and Elementary School shall:

  1. equip the child in all aspects of development, so that he may be better prepared to adjust and cope with life situations within the context of his experiences;
  2. maximize the child’s potentials through a variety of carefully selected and meaningful experiences considering his interests and capabilities;
  3. inculcate in the child spiritual and civic values and the love of God and nation;
  4. instill the knowledge of, and love for, others and the nation by preserving positive customs, traditions and virtues;
  5. equip the child with effective communication skills and provide learning experiences in the application of the scientific method for the solution of daily problems;
  6. inculcate the importance of basic health knowledge and the formation of desirable health habits and practices;
  7. prepare the child to be aware and responsive to the changes in society; and,
  8. provide the child with desirable skills and values for them to be effectively and constructively involved in the home and the community.

Specifically, the graduates would be able to:

  1. cope with higher level lessons being taught in the different learning areas;
  2. adjust normally to situations which involve his interests and capabilities as a pupil;
  3. participate actively in discussions and established organizations to sharpen his knowledge;
  4. exert his utmost effort to develop his skills in order to become a model to other learners, his family and society;
  5. maintain spiritual values that would guide him in all struggles in life; and,
  6. exercise his rights responsibly without inflicting hurt to others.


Admission to CCDC is open to all students who meet the admission requirements and who agree to abide by its policies, rules and regulations.

  1. Preschool Requirements
    1. Age- children 3 to 5 years old by August
    2. Original PSA Birth Certificate
    3. Previous Card (if any)- original copy
    4. Completed Application Form
  2. Grade School Requirements
    1. Age for Grade 1- at least 6 years old by August
    2. Original PSA Birth Certificate
    3. Previous Card (Form 138)- original copy
    4. Photocopy of Kindergarten diploma or certificate of completion
    5. Form 137 from last school attended
    6. No failing grade in all subjects in previous class level
    7. Diagnostic test for transferees in all levels
    8. Completed Application Form