CCDC derived the names of its buildings from local terms in Northern Luzon.

Saleng represents an aged pinewood, similar to that of an old oak tree. A pinewood becomes saleng as it ages, accumulating energy that is sufficient to ignite fire.

ARANG is a Maducayan term for granary. When rice is harvested, it is stored in the arang for it to be ready for pounding. Our school building is like the arang, where students are prepared and equipped, for them to be ready to overcome challenges that may come their way.

TUPAY-YA is a festival beat popular in Abra performed during social gatherings and ceremonies. The CCDC Gymnasium Building is the main venue for most of the social gatherings of the school.

AHBUNAN is an Ifugao term to mean a meeting place.

Such is the function of the Student Center.

AMLANGAN is a paved yard with a stove used mainly for ceremonial cooking. This describes the HRM Function Hall.

TONGBAB is a kind of porch with stone walls used as a sleeping and lounging place. This refers to the Pent House.

TONGTONGAN is a venue for discussion and dialogue.


President’s Office: Second Floor, Saleng House, 422-2221 Fax: 422-2221
Vice President for Administration Office: Second Floor, Saleng House, 422-2221
Vice President for Academics Office: Second Floor, Ahbunan Center.
Vice President for Finance and Accounting Office: Second Floor, Ahbunan Center.
Cashier’s Office: Second Floor, Ahbunan Center.
Treasurer’s Office: Second Floor, Ahbunan Center.
Dental and Medical Clinic: First Floor, Saleng House.
Guidance and Counseling: Second Floor, Saleng House.
Main Library: Third & Fourth Floor, Saleng House
Human Resource Office: Second Floor, Saleng House.
Physical Education and Athletics Office: First Floor, Tupay-ya Complex
Property Office: Second Floor, Saleng House
Registrar’s Office: Second Floor, Saleng House. 422-2737


College of Business Educ: Fifth Floor, JMM Bldg.
College of Criminal Justice Educ.: Fifth Floor Saleng House,
College of Teacher Education: Second Floor, Ahbunan Center
College of Health Education: Fourth Floor, Saleng House
Hotel, Restaurant, Tourism Management: First Floor, JMM
College of Social Work: First Floor, JMM
College of Law: Third Floor, JMM
Elementary Department: First Floor, Arang
High School Department: Second Floor, Arang.

Other Facilities:

Food Center
JMM Hall
Birthing Clinic

Other Offices:

Student Services Office
Supply & Business Office (Fames)
General Services Office
Security Office
Research and IPI Office
Student Publications Office
ROTC Office