Vision – Mission

Our Vision

A center of academic excellence and relevant skills and competencies for holistic development.

Our Mission

          The student is the center of educational efforts in the Cordillera Career Development College.  Its graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and values relevant for; (1) employable “job seekers”, and entrepreneurial “job providers”; (2) advocates for the rich indigenous resources and the preservation of the desirable cultural traditions and practices of the Filipinos in the Cordilleras; and (3) champions of the Filipino values that makes peace and harmonious living in human society possible.

Our Guiding Values

T  –  Trustworthiness and Tolerance

H  –  Humility and Hope

E  –  Empathy and Environmental Awareness


C  –  Competence and Courage

H  –  Harmony and Honor

I   –  Industry and Inquisitiveness

L  –  Loyalty and Level-headedness

D  –  Discipline and Dignity